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LLADRO SPAIN nao nadal diana rosenthal royal doulton figurines figurer
Tivoli figurer Harlekin Columbine Pjerrot B&G.JPG (97062 byte)ROYAL COPENHAGEN + B&G


20214 k k.JPG (110444 byte)STENTØJ FIGURER DANMARK Dahl Jensen figurer figurines Copenhagen Denmark.JPG (120531 byte)DAHL JENSEN + LYNGBY
Dalmatiner figurine.JPG (188370 byte)DYR KONGELIGE + B&G P9050006.JPG (108535 byte)VASER + ASKEBÆGRE tedaaser Bing & Grondahl copenhagen.JPG (149718 byte)KGL+BG DIVERSE Nils Thorsson vase with lid laagkrukke.JPG (99370 byte)FAJANCE KGL.

Nogle varegrupper udgår, andre indskrænkes p.g.a stort lager

Lladro 750 kr
€ 100

-50% 375 kr.

Lladro pige 500,-
-50% 250 kr.

Mexikaner dreng Lladro 500,-
-50% 250 kr.

Lladro mexicaner pige 500,-
-50% 250 kr.

Lladro figur Grønlandske børn stentøj. Greenland 39 cm. children pottery
2000 kr € 270
-50% 1000 kr.

Lladro figur Grønlandsk dreng stentøj. Greenland 25 cm. children pottery
1000 kr € 135
-50% 500 kr.

Lladro figurine 2 children
500 kr € 68
-50% 250 kr.


Lladro barn med hund 500,-
-50% 250 kr.

Lladro pige siddende på træstub
500 kr e 68
-50% 250 kr.

Lladro piberygende mand
950 kr.
-50% 475 kr.


ZAPHIR pige med kanin 300,-
-50% 150 kr.

Zaphir Dreng med hund 500,-
-50% 250 kr.


Spansk figur
500 kr.
-50% 250 kr.

Figur kvinde med kat 300,-
-50% 150 kr.

Figur pige med høne300,-
-50% 150 kr.

Lampe spansk porcelæn
700 dkr.
-50% 350 kr.

Kanin made in Spain 200,-
-50% 100 kr.

Rosenthal Germany #1593

Royal Doulton

Hummel Goebel
Figuren LINK
Alle figurer herunder er solgt
Lladre big figurine kane med rensdyr.JPG (81810 byte) LLADRO Kane med rensdyr stor sold

Lladro Spain # 2150
A Tribute to Paece
Nude beauty and dove
Sculptur Antonio Ramos 1985
high 43 cm. 18``

Lladro figur figurine made in Spain.JPG (196053 byte) sold Lladro

Lladro figurine horse jockey and animals birds.JPG (176228 byte) sold Lladro

Lladro Greenland grønlandsk pige figur.JPG (103748 byte) sold lladro

Lladro spanien figurer høns.JPG (120452 byte) sold Lladro

Lladro polarbear white

Lladro polarbear white

Lladro figur Grønlandske børn stentøj. Greenland children pottery

Lladro brud med buket blomster

Nadal sold

Lladro Spanien Pige med frugtkurv på hovedet, 40 cm. high.

  sold Lladro

Lladro figurine made in spain girl with dog.JPG (83753 byte) sold Lladro

Lladro siddende pige med sko.JPG (89309 byte) sold Lladro

sold Lladro fugl


Lladro knælende bedende nonne

Lladro Spain pige med gæs

Lladro 2 children Greenland sold

grønlandsk pige Lladro

sold Lladro, Spain

sold Lladro grønland

Nao Spain porcelain.JPG (143284 byte) NAO Spain sold

Zaphin figur porcelæn made in Spain Spanien.JPG (115759 byte) ZAPHIN sold

Lladro sygeplejerske figur porcelæn Spain

NAO by Lladro made in Spain

Lladro pige med hund og kat

Giraf made in Valencia Spain.JPG (91852 byte) Giraf, Valencia Spain sold

Dao spansk figur

sold Lladro

sold Lladro

Lladro figurine figur Spanien.JPG (83813 byte) sold Lladro

Lladro svane.JPG (65827 byte) sold Lladro svane


Lladro figur Grønlandsk dreng stentøj. Greenland children pottery

Lladro Spain pige med gæs
750 kr. € 100

NAO sold

Nadal handcrafted Spanish porcelain.JPG (136009 byte) sold Nadal

Nadal figurine made in Spain porcelain.JPG (99938 byte) sold Nadal

Figurina Germany.JPG (173646 byte) sold

Lladro girl with animal flowers sold

lladro figur 2 nonner

NAO figurine porcelain made in Spain.JPG (108855 byte) NAO by Lladro made in Spain

NAO spanien.JPG (113460 byte) NAO by Lladromade in Spain

Høj kvindefigur NAO by Lladro

lladro sold

2 nonner 33 cm. Lladro figur

Lladro AGAINST THE WIND 36 cm.

Big figurine Geenland Lladro solgt

Rex figurine made in Spain.JPG (92555 byte) REX Spain, Spanien, figurines sold

Lladro pige med blomster sold

NADAL Spanish porcelain, pige med katte

Nadal Spanien

Diana handmade in Spain


Diana sold

Diana handmade in Spain

  Lladro grønlænder solgt

Lladro figur

Lladro hane kok

lladro fox figurine.JPG (91344 byte) LLADRO ræv fox  sold

NAO by Lladro made in Spain

Zaphin porcelain figurine made in Spain.JPG (83464 byte) ZAPHIN made in Spain sold

  LLADRO Spain, Spanien, figurines

LLADRO Spain, Spanien, figur

Lladro girl with dog

Nao Spain figurine ....JPG (94408 byte) Nao sold

Tengra hand made in Spain girl feeding sheep

Lladro japansk danserinde

Lladro puddelmunde med bold

Lladro child with dog made in spain

Nadal spain boy painting

Spansk figur hund

Lladro Spain # 2150 * Nude beauty and dove * Sculptur Antonio Ramos 1985 * high 43 cm. 18``

In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró made their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almàssera (Valencia). In this way, they develop their artistic interest as they work in a tile and crockery factory. These carefully designed pieces already have a special charm that awakens public interest.

By 1955 they begin making sculptures in which a clear influence of the trends of the XVIII century can be observed. These pieces evoke the works of former porcelain artists such as Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte.

In 1958 Juan, José and Vicente decide to dedicate themselves exclusively to their own works and transfer their small company to a warehouse in the neighboring town of Tavernes Blanques, because the family workshop has become too small for their business. Demand for Lladró creations grows unexpectedly. The brothers introduce innovations not only in the design and style of the figurines but also in the firing techniques, reducing the three-layer firing to a one-layer process. One-firing is an innovative method which creates the crystalline finish and the pastel tonalities typical of Lladró works.

A growing number of sculptors, chemists and decorators increase the production of the brothers’ work. They soon decide to incorporate a logo on all their figurines. Beside “Porcelanas Lladró”, they add a Greek master piece, the Victory of Samotracia, thus associating their surname to the ideal of classical art.

By the end of this decade, Lladró opens a store in Valencia and two more within a few years’ time.

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